Express your love with a low budget engagement ring

Just like a princess white dress and a cake are a huge part of a wedding, so are the emerald cut engagement rings today. From Queen Elizabeth 2ndwho got a diamond gemstone from Prince Philip to Hollywood superstars, these rings are more than a show of ‘this love will last forever’. However, it also signifies appeal and royalty. These gorgeous stunning antiques, however, have been perceived as something only the very rich people in society can afford which is not the case. You can still adorn her finger with a beautiful piece without having to break the bank. Below are a few tips.

Look for a ring with a halo setting

Rings with a halo setting around them often give the impression of a big size. It will also create an illusion that there are additional carats in there. Additionally, the halo around it can work magic for the ring by giving it a whole new appearance and adding a vintage appeal to it that will make it stand out from other rings.

Look at the cut

Put special consideration on the kind of cut that the stone has.  The few facets in the emerald cut engagement rings serve to reflect light and make the diamond brilliant. While the cut may not be as shiny as other shapes, it gives room for the diamond to cover more of the area in comparison to other diamond cuts that have a similar carat weight. Additionally, it will boost the size of the diamond as well as add to its classic beauty.

Skip the rings with bands and colors

You can do without a band to reduce your cost. Your focus should be on rings that will highlight the center stone. Pick the rings that have embellishments, twists or engravings. Also you could add few baguette diamonds to the sides of the stone just to add sparkle, especially if you are looking for more brilliance. As colored diamonds are also expensive, you can still add color to the ring by adding a gem to the center stone instead. For example, pink sapphires will give a rosy tint similar to the ones that pink diamonds give. You can do this at an affordable cost.

Less metal

The more metal is on a ring, the more costly it will be. Therefore, what you should consider with your low budget is a prong. This will secure the diamond on the ring and will as well act as a tripod above the band. It’s a wonderful way of highlighting the diamond and making it more visible. Additionally, as the stone will be raised, it will make it even easier to clean.

The emerald cut engagement rings are priceless symbols that crown the love you have for your partner. They also give the confidence, style and express the love you have for your partner. Even if you are working on a tight budget, you can still rock a low-budget engagement ring when you follow the above tips.

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