4 Reasons Digital Marketing Matters to a Small Business like Yours

Engaging local and even regional consumers is quite a challenge for many small business owners. If you are a believer of traditional marketing strategies, then you are in for some bad news.

Once effective in the past, the magic of fliers, daily newspaper ads, yellow pages, print ads, and promotional items, such as mugs and T-shirts, has weakened. They’re not entirely useless but their impact has lessened.

This is because consumer behavior is no longer like what it used to be. Their focus has shifted to online from offline, making digital marketing a tool every business owner must have.

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or you are rebounding from a major entrepreneurial setback, here are insights into why digital marketing matters to small business owners like you.

Why Digital Marketing Matters

The Internet Contains a Massive Network of Potential Clients
With the use of digital equipment, such as mobile phones, laptops, and other basic forms of computers, you can get and disseminate information as quickly as possible. Gone are the days when consumers browse through brochures and catalogs for items they want to purchase.

Information travels slowly before the advent of the internet but, nowadays, a person can do a search on the internet for a particular product in a matter of seconds. Accordingly, 75 percent of consumers use online research platforms, and 4 out of 10 use social media or review sites for buying decisions.

Although the overcrowded online marketplace may be too overwhelming, you can get help from professional digital marketing strategists like Ryan Deiss for ideas on how you can flourish in the virtual world.

Owner of DigitalMarketer, a premier online community for digital marketing professionals, Ryan Deiss can help you learn some amazing marketing skills or connect you to industry experts. You can also read the books he’s written about the subject matter for improved knowledge and awareness of the changing marketing world.

A Lot of People Own Mobile Phones
If there is one thing that almost everyone owns, it is a mobile phone. Not only is it a means of communication, but it has also become a tool for gathering and sending information through data connection. Which is why Google ensures that the websites they rank have a mobile-phone-friendly format.

In 2015, over 50 percent of consumers have used their mobile devices for local searches. Thus, it is highly recommended that entrepreneurs create phone-friendly web pages for easy access and navigability and to be listed on maps, search engines, and online directories. In this way, customers can easily find you.

Less Expensive Than Traditional Marketing
Spending tons of money on trade shows, newspaper ads, and TV spots, or hiring sales personnel to help distribute fliers and promote the business once have been a good marketing strategy. Considerably impractical and costly, traditional marketing has lost favor from many entrepreneurs nowadays. Several have moved to a more cost effective and efficient alternative which is digital marketing. With over 40 percent of the world’s people having access to the internet, you can easily get potential clients and brand recognition in just a couple of days without those expensive gimmicks.

Technology Is Here to Stay
According to the Global Web Index, 80 percent of consumers use smart phones for purchasing items and acquiring services, thus, implying that technology plays a huge part in almost every person’s shopping experience. Applications, such as Google Play and the App Store, as well as, mobile versions of Amazon and eBay, have created a huge marketplace where exchanges are possible no matter where you are across the globe. Thus, it is vital for every small business owner to start tapping into the digital game to get in with the crowd.


With more or less 60 percent of small businesses already utilizing digital marketing tools for brand promotion, it is high time for you to get help with creating a cohesive digital marketing strategy. In this way, you will become a part of the growing global marketplace, setting you apart from your competitors.

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